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Trying to run an unfair dismissal case yourself is like trying to cut your own hair, you can have a go at it but you will almost certainly make a mess of it, don’t do it, just call us and leave it to the experts.

We will fill in and lodge all the legal paperwork for the Fair Work Commission, we will argue with your ex-boss and their lawyers and we will represent you at the conciliation conference with the Commission, we do our very best to take away the stress and free up your time so you can focus on getting a new job!

Impressive Success Rates

A combination of our unique processes and highly experienced consultants help us deliver outstanding results for our clients, we achieve a financial settlement approx. 90% of the time and a positive result including clearing a persons name approx. 95% of the time.

No Win – No Fee

We we offer our services on an a No Win – No Fee basis so you have no financial risk.   Call now and you will know if you qualify to make a claim in just 5 minutes!!

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